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Claro walnut and steel

Our Story


Northwest Wood Design 

Lead by Furniture Designer/Maker Dale M Shafman


Our workshop provides customers with a truly unique experience. We have on display a selection of wood species indigenous to the Washington State area.


The Wood Slabs are left mostly untouched as to allow the end user to have a voice in helping create a truly personal piece of fine furniture. Dale works closely with clients to achieve a balance between design and natural beauty. 


Each Tree/Slab has its own story, we use this element as our starting point in our approach.  The outcome is a blending of the beautiful natural form of the slab with a modern clean aesthetic to enhance each piece built. Each piece is truly a one of a kind work of art! 


Our goal is to offer enviromentally sustainable finishes

which bring out the natural beauty of the wood while offering the highest level of durability and ease of cleaning.


We offer an extensive line of finishes, all which are very durable low VOC Lacquers, Urathanes, Stains and dyes.

Finish samples are provided to the client prior to the start of their project.



Live edge dining tables, Console tables, Chairs, Custom woodwork

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